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Mud-e-Mutt Paw Cleaner

Mud-e-Mutt Paw Cleaner

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Prevent your pet from bringing the outside in with Mud-e-Mutt Paw Cleaner! The 360-degree soft silicone brush pad will quickly and painlessly clean the dirt, mud, and germs from your pet’s paws- keeping the mess in the Mud-e-Mutt Paw Cleaner and out of your home.

Mud-e-Mutt Paw Cleaner is lightweight, compact, and portable. It even has a lanyard to carry it along with you on walks and other doggy adventures!

The simple design of Mud-e-Mutt Paw Cleaner makes clean up super easy. Fill the cup with water and pet shampoo (optional), insert one paw at a time, and rotate the cup gently at the same time so the silicone bristles gently interact with your pet’s paw. Towel off to complete the cleaning experience.

Mud-e-Mutt Paw Cleaner is even easier to clean. Take the lid off, remove the silicone pad, pour out the dirty water and let it all dry before reassembling and storing. For a more thorough cleaning, the parts are dishwasher safe on the top rack.

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