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Just Did It - Poop Bag Holder

Just Did It - Poop Bag Holder

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We can't make picking up poop easier but we surely can do it in style.

The Just Did It- Poop Bag Holder has been designed for ultimate convenience; featuring a side slit to let bags through; a dazzling carabiner; and a discrete back strap to make the bag hold against your leash. Over are the days of the dangling piece of shame on your leash.


Take advantage of the bag space by adding a couple of treats; your key; or any on-the-go essentials to your Just Did It.



High-quality & smooth vegan leather
Carabiner to attach to your leash
Back strap to attach against your leash
100% handcrafted
Designed to accommodate any standard poop bag roll (roll not included)

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