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Chouchou the Crytsal Catnip Toy

Chouchou the Crytsal Catnip Toy

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The soothing; stress-relieving qualities of catnip will help your furry friend relax and settle into a tranquil state.

Chouchou the Crystal Catnip Toy is the perfect toy to help your dog relax and snuggle up to it before a nap or as an anti-stress toy for stressful situations.

What does catnip do for dogs? In most dogs; catnip works as a mild sedative to calm your dog's nerves; making your dog relax and sleepy.

If your dog has anxiety; you can give them some catnip to relieve stress and help it get through the situation.



Upgrade your cat's toy collection with Chouchou; a beautifully designed 100% cotton toy filled with a LOT of potent catnip.

With Chouchou; you can expect your cat to bunny kick and chase it all over the house.

(Named after the French nickname Chouchou; which is often used to refer to a very special someone in your life!)

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