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3-Story Small Pet Habitat

3-Story Small Pet Habitat

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The 3-Story Small Pet Habitat is the perfect place for your furry little pal to run, play, and rest! Featuring 2 hideout houses, 3 paw-friendly ramps, and wire mesh walls for superior ventilation and better visibility, your pet will have plenty of room to explore! And with a removable tray and leak-proof plastic surface, cleaning up is a cinch! Go ahead, let your pet run amok!




Color: Gray

Net Weight: 28.8 lbs

Material: Pinewood + Acrylic Panel + Wire Mesh

Overall Dimensions: 35.44"L x 20.87"W x 24.41"H

Acrylic Panel Dimensions: 31.5"L x 8.86"W (upper); 28.74"L x 6.5"W (lower)

Mesh Dimensions: 0.49"L x 0.49"W

Each Mesh Side Wall Dimensions: 19.88"L x 9.45"W

Inner Tier Dimensions: 33.67"L x 10.43"W (top); 33.67"L x 11.81"W (middle)

Bottom Tray Dimensions: 33.67"L x 20.87"W

Each Tier Distance (from bottom to top): 3.54"; 8.27"; 8.27"

Each Ramp Dimensions: 11.02"L x 3.15"W

Each Hideout Dimensions: 7.87"L x 5.51"W x 3.94"H

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